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R2S is an Australian owned firm specialising in procurement, transaction management, contract management and probity services to the private sector, publicly listed corporations, government owned corporations, regulatory bodies and federal and state government agencies.

Why do many of Australia’s leading organisations trust R2S when it comes procurement?

Because we have the proven expertise to design and execute solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our track record speaks for itself, backed by a long line of satisfied clients across a variety of industries. Both of our directors are involved in every project we take on, ensuring delivery in accordance with our own best practices as well as industry standards.

Probity Servies

When it comes to probity services, it is our job to make sure procurement processes and commercial transactions are conducted in a fair and equitable manner. By providing independent oversight to these processes we mitigate all probity concerns and protect our clients from legal, financial and reputational risks and other challenges.

Government agencies have responsibility to the public to ensure adherence to a code of ethics based on honesty in your commercial matters and to engage with companies who do the same. This not only keeps you protected legally, but also maintains your business reputation.

We assist with every aspect of probity assurance. Our team will offer your organisation our expert advice and insights, as well as probity auditing, reporting and sign-off. We also step in to oversee and assist with conflict of interest assessments.

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