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R2S is an Australian owned firm specialising in procurement, transaction management, contract management and probity services to the private sector, publicly listed corporations, government owned corporations, regulatory bodies and federal and state government agencies.

Why do many of Australia’s leading organisations trust R2S when it comes procurement?

Because we have the proven expertise to design and execute solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our track record speaks for itself, backed by a long line of satisfied clients across a variety of industries. Both of our directors are involved in every project we take on, ensuring delivery in accordance with our own best practices as well as industry standards.

Contract Management and Administration

Our contract management services can be provided at any point in the contract lifecycle - from contract creation to execution and analysis and even close out.

Contract management is the process of overseeing contracts to maximise operational and financial performance of your organisation. Our services extend to the recovery of off-track or neglected contracts, and we also step in to handle dispute resolution, contract auditing and conduct additional contract management training.

Services under our contract management umbrella include:

  • Contract planning,
  • Contract administration,
  • Contract performance audits of time, cost and quality,
  • SClaims and variations management,
  • Recovery of contracts,
  • Contract close-out.

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